Electric Arc Furnace

Global demand for steel continues to grow and if you intend to be part of this boom, you’ll want to boost the throughput and production volume of your plant. What you need now is an electric arc furnace that is simply top of the line. That combines high capacity with maximum availability. That flexibly processes different charging materials. That can produce a range of steel types – without long tooling times that slow down production. At the same time, it is crucial to reduce costs – both when investing and during ongoing operations. To do this, you need simple, consistent operation, components with a long service life, ease of maintenance and reduced manpower requirements. And naturally, you also need to limit the impact your plant has on the environment. To ensure that you can comply with all regulations into the future – and to fulfill your responsibility for ensuring a clean environment. Is there one solution that meets all these needs? ASYN with regards to its partners can supply ultimate solution for EAF. As the product of continuous development improvements, our furnaces features maximized power-on-time, high-speed movements and easy access to all components for maintenance. The furnace is ideal for ultra-high-power input and overall furnace performance can be additionally enhanced with the latest oxygen- and carbon-injection technologies.

• Chemical Energy Package

• EAF/LF Revamping

• Dynamic Process Simulation

• Aluminium Electrode Arms

Download EAFSim (Farsi)

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