Fume Treatment Plant

For every metric ton of steel produced, 10 to 25 kilograms of dust accumulate.

There‘s no question that modern dedusting systems are crucial, but the costs and outlay for their operation should be no higher than absolutely necessary. The most important goals are high reliability, strict compliance with prescribed threshold values and reasonable energy consumption.

ASYN Steel Engineering supplies engineering and equipment for Fume Treatment Plants, including:

  • Primary fume collection from EAF & LF

  • Secondary de-dusting and ventilation

  • Fume cooling (Natural cooler, Forced draught cooler)

  • HTQ (High Temperature Quenching)

  • Dust Cleaning system (Bag filter, Cyclone, Spark Arrestor)Files/Catalogue/Fume Treatment Plant.pdf

  • Duct design (Route, Stress analysis)

Download Fume Treatment Plant (Farsi)