Project Management

Project Management

ASYN offers the right team with the right attitude. Over the past this has been a crucial success factor for ASYN in project management. In the recent years the time available for project execution has become increasingly more limited. Therefore high levels of co-ordination and co-operation combined with a different management approach are essential.
Only when all concerned in a project operate on the same level, the desired end result can be fully achieved. Experience and creativity ensure that ASYN is the right partner to bring a project to successful conclusion.

Management of EPCM Services

Management of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services is at the heart of our business. Our Project Managers stand for successful project development and project realization. These projects range form single discipline engineering service up to the full EPCM services including commissioning and assistance.

Estimating and Cost Control

Estimating and cost control are indispensable in almost every single project. Accurate cost estimates form the basis for well-considered decisions, and for large investments the expected costs have to be determined in advance. We deploy experts in disciplines to develop detailed cost estimates.

Scheduling and Progress Control

Scheduling and Progress Control is based on the principle of comparison between the desired value and the actual value, and of comparison between the value of the work done and budget available for it at the moment of review. We at ASYN believe that assessment of progress in a professional way is essential for control. For successful project execution a time schedule and its effective control are indispensable. The time schedule should be developed in such a way that the requirements for the project control can be fulfilled.

Quality and Safety Assurance

Our HSE policy aims to guarantee the health and safety of employees. Quality for us means being there for the client and our colleagues, showing interest, as well as having a proactive approach to problem solving. Safety and quality always have our highest priority in every phase of our clients' projects.

Commissioning Management/Assistance

After the project itself has been completed, we at ASYN feel it as our obligation to ensure that our clients are able to operate and maintain the systems in the most efficient manner. Commissioning is defined as ‘the process of ensuring that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design intent’. Therefore we put great effort in commissioning management and assistance to ensure that not only the system itself is operating as intended, but that it is functioning in a symbiosis with all other systems an people involved.