Consulting & Training

ASYN comprise following:

  • Feasibility and preliminary studies
  • Operator Training Simulator
  • Know-how documentation


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There are many possible ways to increase a steel plant’s efficiency. And there are many different ways to invest in The future’s success. At BSE, decades of consultancy and training have shown us that there is one direction of Investment that always pays off:



Surveys have long proved that a skilled workforce is the No. 1 success factor for an efficient steel production.

On the other hand, steel mills all around the world find it increasingly difficult to attract skilled employees.

Improving your own staff's skills not only helps to solve recruitment problems but also motivates your people and enhances your company’s attraction.

This is where we come in: The BSE ACADEMY is a global”Steelmaking University” offering a comprehensive solution for education, qualification and training,

Displayed in four different educational components for all personnel levels:

  • Managers and engineers
  • Supervisors and shift managers
  • Operators and maintenance staff

Trust in decades of experience.

Based upon the ongoing success story of BADISCHE STAHLWERKE in Kehl/Germany, BADISCHE STAHL -

ENGINEERING was established in 1983. The convincingly simple idea behind it: To offer managers and operators of steel plants and rolling mills around the world a look behind the scenes at one of the most efficiently operating mini-mills – and to help increasing their productivity by improving their employees’ skills and applying state-of-the-art steelmaking technologies.

What started with show-how and motivation seminars as part of consulting contracts is now available for customers with specialized requirements as well as for individuals who can pick the subjects of their interest from the open courses program.


Practice-focused: Our hands-on approach.

What makes the BSE ACADEMY different from any other educational program for steelmakers is the hands-on approach that closes the gap between “learning” and “doing”: Everything you learn here is proven and tested, backed by experience, expertise and success.

What BSE’s experts are teaching doesn’t come from the drafting board, but from decades of improvement on a daily basis plus profound inside knowledge of the steel industry. The message is as simple as it is effective: YES, We can do it – AND so can you! And here, you can learn how it’s done – no ”miracles”, just good work done in the best possible way.


We know about YOUR mini-mill’s needs!

At the BSE ACADEMY´s campus, you will see one of the world’s most efficient mini-mills in action. But that is just the beginning. Ideal learning group sizes of no more than 12 – 15 persons, a team of experienced experts covering all sectors of EAF steelmaking from raw materials to general business aspects and an open atmosphere in which no question is left unanswered and no secret hidden, guarantee a maximum learning effect.

Everything experienced at the BSE ACADEMY can be channeled into the participants’ production environment without delay. And the motivational “boost” the ACADEMY´s students take home multiplies the effect of their education significantly, making your human resources investment the best it can ever be!

OPEN Courses

BSE’s ”Steelmaking University“ delivers a wide

range of courses with different levels of qualification

for everyone involved in steelmaking – operators, supervisors, engineers, plant managers.

The present seminar program is available

directly at the BSE ACADEMY – or just a click

away at


Classic Seminars

This solid foundation of what has become the

BSE ACADEMY has always been a core part

of our consultancy contracts. The show-how

and motivational effect achieved in these

seminars not only boosts performance figures

but also helps to create a cultural change within

the client’s company


Certified Programs

Based on the high standards of German professional

education, e.g. the ”dual apprenticeship”

principle, the BSE ACADEMY’s CERTIFIED

programs offer a modular system of hands-on

courses that enable the participants to become

a true “Meister“ of their skills – and gain a

qualification certificate in step with tomorrow’s

steelmaking practice



Based on the analysis of your individual

situation and existing skills, we develop tailor-made

training modules and courses to improve

your results exactly the way you want it. Target

audience, content, date and duration –

everything is custom-made to meet your

requirements and to work perfectly for your